Spain 2000 - The Gardens of the Alhambra

Plan A for Backyard Landscaping project. These are actually the Gardens of the Alhambra, overlooking historic Granada.

Alhambra (Plan A for backyard).

and other possible choices...

Alhambra (Other Choices - Arches). Alhambra (Other Choices - Reflection Pool 1). Alhambra (Other Choices - Reflection Pool 2).

More cool pictures from our Spanish Vacacionados.. Uncle Chris & Jennifer in the Alhambra, the Gates of Avila (home to Saint Theresa) and looking up at Ronda.

Chris & Jennifer in Alhambra. Chris walking out of Gate Avila gates. 'THE' Bridge in Ronda

More Alhambra.. and Cordoba

Alhambra from Hills of Granada Cordoba from Across the River

Segovia was pretty cool too...

Roman Aquaduct Segovia Cathedrial Another View of Segovia Cathedrial

More Segovia.. The Roman Aquaduct was built around 2000 years ago to bring fresh water into the city and is still standing strong in Segovia. I understand this began in the mountains 18 Km away.. and provided water for the city.. Amazing!! I understand that Al-Mamun of Toledo destroyed some of the arches in the 9th century. They were later restored in the 15th century by the order of Catholic Kings.

Roman Aquaduct Ted & Jennifer in front of Roman Aquaduct.  We don't look like tourists.. do we??

Chris trying to pick up 3 Euro-Chicks in front of a Medieval Castle in Segovia

Reflection Pool

Jennifer Napping atop Mt. Pinar, and getting lost in a Sevilla Alcazar gardens hedge maze.

Nice day for a nap. How do I get out of here??

Reflection of Jennifer

Reflection Pool

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