Sarah's First Year

Hi! My name is Sarah. I was born in Utah in April 2006

And Baby Makes 4 Nap time

I arrived to my new home in early May. Welcome to the family!!!

Big brother Ben and me At home with Mommy and Daddy and Ben Me with my new Grandmother and Grandad Me and cousin Elizabeth Me and cousin Elizabeth again (I think I'm gonna like her) Me with my Aunt Laurie in Grandpa's back yard I love to nap with Grandmother

Welcome to our circle of friends

Miss Tricia singing me a lullaby Me and Miss Lisa

I love the mountains

The only way to travel Okay... I guess there are even better ways to travel Wheeeeee!! Summer Sweat Hi daddy

Fun with brother Benjamin

Don't you love my bow? I like it when Ben feeds me, he doesn't fuss as much about my mess. Tummy Time Nestled All Snug in our Bed I gotcha now Ben Look over yonder

Portraits of Me

Portrait 1 Portrait 2 Portrait 3 Portrait 4 Portrait 5 (Laughing Me) Cheeeeeese 4 month portrait Tummy Time

Here I am with some of my friends

Me and my pet brachiosaurus Spot Lovin on Miss Gertrude Lars the Polar Bear is swinging over my bed (don't fall in) Hey... I like to swing too!!

Mommy, Daddy and me!

Do you like my hat? I like getting all dressed up Look how long I'm getting - October 2006 Sarah's adoption was final today

Halloween 2006

Sweet little pumpkin Pumpkin Patch Kid

Christmas 2006

Merry Christmas from New Hope... Everybody clap with me Me and Grandmother and Granddad Ho Ho Ho!!! On Pip, On Elsie dash away, dash away... Christmas Morning with my first dolly

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