Benjamin's Third Year

Hi! It's 2004 already. This year I will start preschool and have my 3rd Birthday.

School Picture Me on a Log

I love to spend time with Uncle Mark and Aunt LA

Me and Aunty Uncle Mark is teaching me how to fish

... and Matthew. Grandmother and Granddad are cool too!!

Me and cousin Matthew digging for worms.. Look at Matthews socks?!?!? Grandad sure looks cool in his shades

Edisto Beach camping trip with Grandpa and my cousins

Family Fun with Grandpa, Uncle Alvin, Aunt Laurie and the cousins. It's Julie vs Mr. Crabby Stand your ground, Ben... I've got your back.

... and More family fun

Big Hug I Love my Aunt Leigh Ann

Lake side Camping Trip

Ahhhh... This is the Life!! Daddy and me in the mud

A Boy's best friends

Big Hug for Pip Another Big Hug for Pip Pip as a Puppy Sit, Girls. Sit!!  Good Girls

My Motto? Anytime, Anyplace, Anywhere. (AAA)

No Swimsuit?  No Problem.  I'm up for a Brief Snorkle Higher Daddy... Higher!!! Giddey-up there turtle!!!

Mommy, Daddy and me!

Postcard from the Smokies Halloween 2004 (I'm a Dragon) Family Portrait (Christmas Card 2004) But I NEVER make a mess Mommy.

... and a few more fun pictures from 2004

Steven is so sweet Grandmother and me hanging out in the mountains

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