659 Addition & Home Renovation Journal

In November 2001 we were going to have a baby, but we only had 2 bedrooms and a bath in our little home. It was time to add space. We wanted an extra bedroom for guests to visit, an extra bathroom, an indoor laundry room (that's right - INDOOR) and we wanted a new kitchen. We had 3 months to get it all done. Was it possible? Of course not. Did that stop us? Of course not!!

659 Scott Circle was built around 1950. Some work was done over the years such as adding storage sheds and outdoor laundry room. They also enclosed the old front porch to make an extra bedroom, which was about 6 feet by 11 feet (yes, they really called it a bedroom).

We purchased the house in April 1998 as our starter home We thought the idea of doing laundry on the back porch was cute.  It
was for about a day. A dining area was added in 1990, but had a leaky roof and uneven floors.

We had to tear it all down before we could build it all back up

This is the fun part No window or door can remain in the same place. Arch way from kitchen to living room here How will we match the 50 year old maple floors?  Should be a challenge! Yes, we lived though all this.  It got a bit drafty at times. Grandpa Hansen's truss design for front porch Of course I couldn't have done it without lots of help from my family and friends. Time for shingles and shakes.

We finished the front renovation, including new roof, drywall and kitchen in our three month window before we had Benjamin. Getting the kitchen sink in was a requirement for having a baby. We loved our new Kitchen!!

Looking from kitchen into living room.  The maple floors weren't as dark as the original but the flooring guys made it blend pretty good. We had to use plywood for counters to start with, but we had running water with the old sink. New cabinets, new tile floor, new fridge (still old stove... couldn't get rid of that just yet). Yeah!  We have a kitchen!!!

We started on the back before Benjamin came around but we really started kicking into gear in early 2002.

We contracted out for foundation work. But we did the rest of the framing work. We built the walls, installed windows We hired out for the roofers. Brrrr.  This was a cold place to sleep in February when there is no drywall to keep us warm. Before shot of master bath.  Unfortunately we didn't get any after pictures.  It did turn out great in our own humble opinion.

Landscaping can be hard work. Especially working with concrete and stone.

Takes a long time to do stone work ... and a lot of patience..

Finished Product. We continued to work on the house when we had time until just before we sold it in April 2005

Taadaaaaa The patience and hard work pays off We love our new space. From 1050 sq feet to 1650 sq feet.  What a difference a little space makes. We gutted our hall bath and expanded it into the hall closet. Built in bookshelves in the bathroom.  Nice touch, eh? Nice organic stairs to upper terrace of our backyard

Would we do it again? Jennifer says no (at least not when we are getting ready to have a baby).Ted says yes, but we will give ourselves a good 5 years (at least) before we start any new projects. Special thanks go to everyone who gave me a helping hand, expecially to Joe (Dad) Hansen, Scott Kretschmar, Penn and June Warriner, Chris Hansen, (Uncle) Jim Hansen and everyone else who came out for an afternoon to hammer a few nails, move a few trusses, paint a few walls or just to put up with us through our project.

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